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Dylan Cash Bio

Dylan has lived in rural Manitoba for 15yrs now with his wife and 3 children.

Dylan writes songs from the heart and about his life in Manitoba and about the people of Manitoba.

Manitoba’s premiere music critic , John Kendle of UPTOWN MAGAZINE says “Taken as a whole these songs are a snapshot of a guy whose muse can run to cheerful Jimmy Buffett-style singalongs , Jack Johnson-esque breezes and country/blues/rootsy reflections of love” Uptown Magazine rates “Prairie Surfer”

Rob Williams of the Winnipeg Free Press, says “Dylan Cash is a talented multi-instrumentalist and good ol’ prairie boy” who , “offers a bright, shiny acoustic folk-pop in the vein of fellow surfer Jack Johnson” , “Dylan Cash has a knack for simple, yet highly addictive, melodies” 3 1/2 stars.

Chris Fantini Music Director / Afternoon Host Cafe 100 fm “Dylan Cash is another gem waiting to be unearthed from the Manitoba Prairie, Very well produced , EVERYDAY PEOPLE, This is a great song, The entire CD is wonderful”, “The entire CD is wonderful, it is our pleasure to play Dylan Cash’s music on CAFE 100.” “Dylan Cash , Canada’s hottest new star, a gifted songwriter and guitarist with a voice that ranges from heart-wrenching to passionate.”

“Dylan is the epitome of professional, this could be the most personable album to date and anyone who has heard it would agree that Dylan Cash could be the next Jack Johnson, Amos Lee or eric Clapton”, Jason Bekiaris Announcer /Host Cafe 100fm. “With just one listen to his music you will soon discover the brilliance that lies within each and every song.”

Dylan Cash John LennonDylan started his music career at 17yrs old and recorded his first original songs in New York City, in a studio called Record Plant. This same year in this very studio he met John Lennon of the Beatles and John actually sat in on Dylan’s session to have a listen. John Lennon said “You’ve really got a gift, I love it”.




“Cash’s music talent is evident on Soul. His ability to relate the listener is impressive as he pours all his emotion into his music. It only makes sense that John Lennon applauded his talent over 35 years ago.”

Annie Reuter / RollingStone Magazine

4 stars (out of 5)

Freelance Music Reviewer at Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard

“Dylan Cash’s Heart is an album full of exactly that; heart. Each and every song is delivered with powerful vocals, well-crafted lyrics and raw emotion. This isn’t just an album. It’s a glimpse inside the soul of Dylan Cash.”

“Dylan Cash is an amazing talent with an equally amazing heart. He puts every fiber of it into his work and it definitely shows. Heart is an album worth checking out.”

Zack Daggy

4 Stars (out of 5)

Music Writer/Reviewer , Assistant General Manager Bounce Radio Autor /Screenwriter/Podcaster

“With such a wide range of experiences related through the songs on Soul, it seems more likely that Cash is a master of making a tale his own than he actually lived all of them.”

“Cash has the confidence of a master storyteller”

“He knows there is no need to razzle-dazzle with special effects when you’ve got the real thing, truth, heart, and soul.”

Heather Miller-Rodriguez

3 stars (out of 5)

Music Reviewer

“No one can accuse Cash of being a lyricist who is predictable or one-dimensional. And whether he is being cheerful or morbid, Cash has a knack for appealing, easy-to-absorb melodies that pull the listener right in.”

“Soul is, all things considered, a solid and enjoyably well-rounded effort from this Canadian folk-rocker.”

Alex Henderson

3 stars (out of 5)

Billboard, Spin, The L.A. Weekly, AlterNet, JazzTimes, Jazziz, XBIZ, Creem, HITS

“Dylan Cash is a journeyman songwriter and musician who brings the unique sensibilities and perspectives of his rural life in the prairies of Manitoba to fore on his new album, Heart.”

Stafford Davis

3 Stars (out of 5)

Music Critic and Reviewer Stafford Davis